HED作为执行建筑师与Johnson Favaro合作,设计了这个21,000 SF的两层楼图书馆,拥有全景海景。HED设计了下面描述的双立面,以回收热量,减少维护成本。该项目还包括相关的场地改善、坡道、人行道、景观和地下公用设施。

HED worked as executive architect in collaboration with Johnson Favaro on this 21,000 SF, two-story library with panoramic ocean views. HED designed the double façade described below to recover heat gain and reduce maintenance costs. The program also included associated site improvements, access ramps, walkways, landscaping and underground utilities.

几千年来,羊毛因其保暖、耐用和防潮的特性而广受欢迎。 虽然我们将羊毛与温暖联系在一起,但一个鲜为人知的事实是,它的空间–材料中的中空口袋–而不是纤维本身,可以捕捉和保持热量。

Cultivated for millennia, wool remains widely popular for its warmth, durability and moisture-repellant properties. While we associate wool with warmth, it’s a little-known fact that it’s the spaces—the hollow pockets in the material—rather than the fibers themselves that capture and hold heat.


In a groundbreaking, integrated design-build process for Manhattan Beach Library, HED’s team of architects, building scientists and mechanical engineers leveraged this idea to create a global first—a horizontal active double skin façade (ADSF).


Originally planned by the design architect as a single-glazed rain screen, our team proposed changing the exterior to an ADSF to dramatically reduce energy costs and maintenance and preserve the library’s transparency. Consisting of three functional layers—an outer glazing, an inner glazing, and a continuous two-foot air gap between the two walls—this pioneering design drastically reduces the library’s energy load by effectively surrounding the structure with a thermal blanket.


Aesthetically stunning as well as functional, the ADSF was a key contributor to this award-winning library’s openness, transparency and aesthetic delight—and to its LEED Gold certification. The completed design reconciles highly technical engineering requirements with aspirations for a beautiful, open civic presence.

建筑师:Johnson Favaro; 设计师: HED
摄影:Eric Staudenmaier
制造商:AutoDesk, Vitrocsa, CPI Daylighting, Cristacurva
首席建筑师:Choong Kim
客户:CW Driver LLC
Architects: Johnson Favaro; Designers: HED
Area: 21000 ft²
Year: 2014
Photographs: Eric Staudenmaier
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Vitrocsa, CPI Daylighting, Cristacurva
Lead Architects:Choong Kim
Clients:CW Driver LLC
City:Los Angeles
Country:United States