Maria ScarpullaBrownstone House住宅,美国纽约,Studio Arthur Casas

Brownstone House是一个位于纽约州纽约市的极简主义公寓,由Arthur Casas工作室设计。这些建筑被称为排和垂直的房子,棕色的外墙,放置在狭长的地面上。该项目包括对其中一个住宅进行翻新,同时,力求尊重这一建筑的历史特征,并提供一个实用的、当代的和技术性的解决方案,将分布在六层楼的广泛项目进行部门化。

Brownstone House is a minimal apartment located in New York, New York, designed by Studio Arthur Casas. These buildings are known by being row and vertical houses with brownstone facades, placed in long and narrow grounds. the project consists on the refurbishment of one of these residences, and, at the same time, seeks to respect the historical character of this architecture and offers a practical, contemporary and technological solution for the sectorization of an extensive program distributed over its six floors.
These six levels ended up defining the rooms distribution, always well integrated to make the most out of the restricted entrance of natural lighting – guaranteed only through both facades. On the first floor, there is the kitchen, the office and a backyard with bbq area. This kitchen, with its black counter and cabinets, differs from the traditional studio’s light shades. To complement the dark atmosphere, white panels and woodwork brought lightness to the environment.

Design:Studio Arthur Casas
Photography:Studio Arthur Casas