Masseria Moroseta乡村酒店,意大利奥斯图尼, Andrew Trotter

由巴塞罗那和普利亚之间的Openhouse杂志创始人安德鲁•特罗特设计,“ Masseria Moroseta ”是我们梦寐以求的夏季避难所 – 周围环绕着美丽的风景,提供传统氛围和现代设计解决方案。

Designed by Andrew Trotter, the founder of Openhouse Magazine between Barcelona and Puglia, ‘Masseria Moroseta‘ is a summer shelter we dreamed about – surrounded by gorgeous landscape, it offers both traditional atmosphere and modern design solutions.


Located amid olive trees in the heart of Italian region of Puglia, this stylish white stone farmhouse stands proudly on the ridge, overlooking Adriatic Sea and the nearby town of Ostuni. The house, designed over a three-year process, was built with the use of local materials and traditional techniques. Trotter has studied the masserie (meaning ‘farm’ in Italian) to compare it historical meaning with modern aesthetics. In result, the building represents both rural simplicity and modern minimalism, fitting perfectly into the surrounding landscape.


As in a traditional farmhouse, everything is set around the central courtyard: the salon and veranda with their views to the sea, the staircase to the roof terrace, and the six rooms and suites on either side, half with private gardens, the other half with private terraces looking out across the fields.

除此之外,’Masseria Moroseta’还提供多种生态解决方案。采用再生隔热材料的厚墙减少了在炎热天气和冬季采暖时使用空调的需要。整栋建筑的电力和热量通过太阳能电池板提供,所提供的所有食品和饮料均由业主自行生产或来自当地农民,生产商和工匠。

More than that, ‘Masseria Moroseta’ also offers several ecological solutions. The thick walls with recycled insulation reduce the need for the use of air-conditioning during hot days and the heating in the winter time. The electricity and heat for the whole building are provided through solar panels, while all the food and drink served in the retreat are either self-produced by the owners or sourced from local farmers, producers and artisans.

Masseria Moroseta是Trotter迄今为止的第一件建筑,自开业以来,设计师已经开始了两个建筑项目,以及照明和家具设计。

Masseria Moroseta is Trotter’s first piece of architecture so far, and since its opening, the designer has begun two more architectural projects, along with designs for lighting and furniture.

DESIGN: Andrew Trotter
PROJECT:Masseria Moroseta
LOCATION:Italy • Ostuni


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