Midst 是一个由纽约设计师Michele J Lee设计的极简主义柜子。 Midst 是一个柜子,存放着千变万化的珍贵物品。 Midst 突出了人们通过简单的存储行为与珍视的物品之间的关系。这种体验被物质性增强,巧妙地使我们与室内环境的环境质量接触。
Midst 的盒子代表了我们感知中的意识。这些元素来自于Midst 的主要灵感,现象学哲学。因为现象学是为了体验本身而体验体验,所以设计师想要把我们与人们所敬畏的对象之间关系的珍贵体现出来。

Midst is a minimal cabinet created by New York-based designer Michele J Lee. Midst is a cabinet for ever changing precious things. Midst highlights the relationship with the objects people hold dear through the simple act of storage. This experience is enhanced by materiality, subtly engaging us with the ambient qualities of our indoor environment.
Midst’s box within the box represents consciousness within our perception. These are elements taken from the main inspiration behind Midst, the philosophy of Phenomenology. As Phenomenology is about experiencing the experience for the experience itself, the designer wanted to physically represent the preciousness of our relationship with the objects people revere.

Design:Michele J Lee
Photograph:Ryin Rosenberg