Mirlo 之家,墨西哥, PALMA


For this home renovation project in Sayulita, two main actions were carried out. In the centre of the house, in the original location of the kitchen, part of the roof was removed to create an interior courtyard that serves as an access and distribution hall between the private and public areas. When removing the roof, the original wooden structure that supported the concrete slab was preserved as a witness of the intervention.


The second action consisted of incorporating a new volume that adheres to the existing construction to house the public area. By means of a masonry base on which the metal structures are placed, the new element allows a constant visual relationship with the exterior, taking advantage of the privileged views towards the sea and the beach. The roof of the new volume is a palapa, a characteristic construction of the coastal areas of Mexico based on a wooden structure covered with palm leaves. The public area manages to expand the space by opening on one side towards the interior courtyard of the house and towards a terrace that intensifies the relationship with the outside on the opposite side.


From the moment you enter the house, the vegetation is always present. In the central courtyard, a raised planter houses a variety of hanging plants that fall towards the stone fountain and the water mirror. The transition space between the existing and the new construction is diluted through the landscape project. Finally, in the courtyards of the bedrooms, the use of plants allows privacy between the views to which the different bathrooms in the house open.


In addition to the two main actions, a rearrangement and distribution of the bedroom and bathroom area were carried out to take advantage of the space.

Architects: PALMA
Year : 2020