Misci comes from miscegenation, the basis of Brazilian identity. Miscegenation is the crossing of ethnicities; brazing; miscegenation; mixture. Brazil, territory resulting from a great meeting of peoples, cultures and beliefs. Based on this context and revealing a very lucid position, Misci’s project explores Brazilian culture in a subliminal way. With a simple design, the project makes a sophisticated allusion to the aesthetics of vernacular constructions, with earthy colors and textures, “Terracal rescues the appearance, transparency, staining, aging and velvety touch of lime”, as described by Terracor.

它选择让所有的计划使用相同的颜色,并在负脚线工作的照明,我们带来了项目所要求的轻盈感,面对强烈的陈述背景。用红色,人行道和楼梯就显得很突出,我们决定保持原样,用同样的栏杆和实木地板。红色的梯子也有自己的含义:红色是血的颜色,是每个人身上共同的颜色。只有一个种族,就是拥有红色血液的种族。巴西从红色中诞生,在探索欧洲用于染布的一种特殊的巴西木材(Pau Brasil)。在植物中,我们理解了转变:我们创造了一个入口大厅,厕所变成了更衣室,宽松的墙壁带来了体积和光的游戏和盒子内的阴影,在更衣室里,直墙变成了曲线,说到曲线,有机形式然而 “固体 “巧妙地将女性在品牌创意过程中的代表转化为建筑。

It was chosen to leave all plans using the same color and working the lighting in the negative footer, we bring the lightness that the project asked for in the face of the strongly stated context. With red, the sidewalk and the staircase stood out, which we decided to keep as it was, with the same railing and solid wood floor. Red ladder also has its own meanings: red is the color of blood, the common color in everyone. There is only one race, the one with red blood. Brazil was born from red, in the exploration of a specific Brazilian wood (Pau Brasil) used for dyeing fabric in Europe. In plants we understand the transformations: we created an entrance hall, the toilet became a dressing room, loose walls bring volume and light game and shadow inside the box and in the dressing room, the straight wall turned into curve, and speaking of a curve, the organic forms however “Solid” subtly translates into the architecture the representation of women in the brand’s creative process.


With all the movement of valuing our land, creating strong roots and nourishing us of our culture, the idea of the macaw-shaped macaws, made in galvanized steel, with the free line, interlaced and projected trays, makes reference to our roots. . On the facade, beveled and non-standard windows attract attention, concrete swing steps invite us to enter this place where Brazilianness dominates.

建筑师: Airon Martin , Babbie Arquitetura e Interiores
面积 : 60 m²
摄影:André Klotz
制造商:AutoDesk, Chaos Group, Adobe, Brilho Luz, Edson sampaio Serralheria, NS Brazil, Terracor, Trimble
主设计师:Bárbara Becattini
室内设计及创意总监:Airon Martin
城市 : Pinheiros
Architects: Airon Martin , Babbie Arquitetura e Interiores
Area: 60 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: André Klotz
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Chaos Group, Adobe, Brilho Luz, Edson sampaio Serralheria, NS Brazil, Terracor, Trimble
Lead Architect: Bárbara Becattini
Interiors Design And Creative Director:Airon Martin