MO博物馆,立陶宛维尔纽斯, Studio Libeskind

在内部,各种画廊可以欣赏当地艺术,通过玻璃幕墙和开放式规划沐浴在光线中,并通往户外区域,如露台和后方的雕塑花园。大厅将举办永久和临时表演。博物馆还包括咖啡馆,书店,教育区,礼堂,储藏室和行政区; 所以那里真的有适合每个人的东西。

The structure features a relatively simple, rectalinear facade, clad in white plaster, referencing the city’s existing architecture. A centrally placed, open staircase at the building’s heart guides the visitor through the museum and also appears on its facade, cutting through and connecting the street with the upper floors.
Inside, a variety of galleries allow for the admiration of local art, bathed in light through glazed facades and open planning, and lead to outdoor areas such as a terrace and a sculpture garden at the rear. The halls will host both permanent and temporary shows. The museum also includes a café, bookstore, educational areas, auditorium, storage and administrative spaces; so there really is something for everybody there.
‘As someone who has a true appreciation for the history and beauty of Vilnius, I believe the building and its architecture will become a wonderful place to enjoy art and the spirit of the city’, says Libeskind

Design: Studio Libeskind
Photography: Hufton + Crow