比雷埃夫斯是欧洲最大的商业港口之一,连接着希腊大陆和岛屿,Klab应邀设计了希腊最大的药店之一。 该地块位于港口旁边,原是一个旧仓库,后来被改造成了一个夜总会。

In Piraeus which is one of the largest commercial ports of Europe and connects mainland Greece with the islands Klab were invited to design one of the largest pharmacies in Greece. The site sits next to the port was occupied by an old warehouse transformed to a nightclub.
Klab designed a new shopping experience transforming completely the existing building while reinforcing the existing stone walls with new concrete structure and introducing a new facade to the city and to the port. The concept was to create a building with a direct reference to its context. Facade’s reference of ship decks create a dialogue between the building and the ships at the port.


A large triangular perforated structure was created on top of the building in order to make the pharmacy visible from the distant sides of the port of Piraeus.
An exterior path was created that leads on the terrace where at the future a botanical garden will be developed.
The relation between the new refurbished building and the port is constant -formally , conceptually and physically.

在内部,通过引入新的夹层以不同的方式相互连接,改变了仓库的大开放空间。从底层到夹层,一条弯曲的坡道在仓库内部形成了一条动态的线,并将两层连接起来。 一个露天剧场连接着第一层和第二层,那里有一个会议室和办公室。

At the interior, the large open volume of the warehouse was altered by the introduction of new mezzanines connected to each other in different ways. From ground floor to the mezzanine a curved ramp creates a dynamic line inside the volume and connects the two levels. An amphitheater connects the first level to the second where a meeting room and an office exists.
Internal facades as exterior ones were treated to resemble naval formal language.

一楼是销售区和一个小实验室。 偌大的空间内,人流通过家具的布置来引导。该空间也被划分为不同的产品类别,但主要的重点是,每个人都可以看到,在购物体验中产生了戏剧性的一面。

At the ground floor lies the sales area with a small lab. The flow of the people inside the large space is guided by the arrangement of the furniture . The space is also divided in categories of products, but the main focus is that anyone is visible from everyone producing a theatrical aspect in the shopping experience.
On the first level a multi-purpose space is generated and it is used from parties to yoga lessons and from seminars to theatrical plays. This is an entirely unique event space for a pharmacy store, but Klab developed this idea to enhance the shopping experience and producing an almost public space within the pharmacy.


It is important how people experience their movement inside this pharmacy and what is the relation of the space and the exterior light which is filtered by a perforated facade. The relation of the interior with the city and the sea becomes more evident as you get to the upper levels. Several materials were used to the whole structure as steel structure and aluminum perforated facade, exposed stone wall, wood floor on the mezzanine and epoxy flooring on the ground level. Gypsum boards were used extensively for false ceilings and walls.
The store resembles a museum experience where the products become the exhibit. The relation between the different spaces and the invention of the outdoor space within the pharmacy creates a stronger relation with the context prescribing a different kind of shopping environment.

面积: 600 m²
摄影:Mariana Bisti Mariana Bisti
厂家:Voutsadakis AVETE Voutsadakis AVETE
工程设计:Ypsilon ltd.
首席建筑师:Konstantinos Labrinopoulos。
设计团队:Veronika Vasileiou.
城市:El Pireo
Architects: KLab architecture
Area: 600 m²
Year: 2017
Photographs: Mariana Bisti
Manufacturers: Voutsadakis AVETE
Clients:Mole pharmacy
Engineering:Ypsilon ltd.
Lead Architects:Konstantinos Labrinopoulos
Design Team:Veronika Vasileiou
City:El Pireo