Mon Parnasse 花店,马德里, Canobardin

一个新的花商专营店。Mon Parnasse。一个新的花店概念,让每个人都能买到花,让我们不再有借口不买花。

A new franchise of florists: Mon Parnasse. A new concept of florists in which flowers are available to everyone and make us no longer have an excuse not to buy them.


The opportunity: A comprehensive brand project. Together with Woz’ere, it was necessary to develop an image capable of exhaling airs of Parisian flower markets and inviting people to take an unforgettable walk inside.


The answer. An outdoor flower market: a vertical flower garden in which the customer passes and easily picks the flowers. A sample book in which the furniture disappears to give all the prominence to the flowers and plants. The finish of the façade, a painted pine plywood frame composing a façade in the Parisian style. To protect and shelter that walk, a long vertical awning.


Secret gardens inside: inspired by the French garden and its compositional bases: optical effects, perspectives, geometric nature, and creation of scenographies.
A large horizontal dividing line is created that marks the sky with a large composition of ceiling vinyl on the ceiling and translucent fabric on the walls.


The garden, with a geometric plant, is made up of a composition of modules made of phenolic compact and which, with holes, become the garden hedges. In them a kind of shelves, bars, and pot holders are hung and supported to provide a versatile and flexible way of pots, vases, plants … All this thought so that this garden can be transformed, as it happens in nature, how dynamic It varies according to the season, the season … it grows, evolves, and is always on the move.


The lighting is all indirect through warm led gutters and backlit furniture. Thus, a feeling of ambient light is obtained as if it were outside.


At the end of this garden, the great effect, a large floor-to-ceiling mirror that doubles the space. The optical effect that makes when entering, nobody understands anything and everyone has to stop.


The result: It is a walk between hedges that invites you to continue walking and discover its corners like someone walking behind the scenes. A secret garden in the heart of the city

Architects: Canobardin
Area: 61 m²
Year: 2021
Photographs: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Gerflor, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Base 3, Carpinteria Laimar, Robert McNeel & Associates
Lead Architects: Julio Cano, Bárbara Bardin
Project Year:Woz’ere, Canobardin
Collaborators:María Barreu Arnal e Itsaso Fernández
Client:Mon Parnasse S.L.


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