Moosweg之家,瑞士, Felippi Wyssen Architects


The most prominent characteristic of this two-storey new building is the rooftop landscape that forms the exterior expression of the building’s interior use zones.


The main roof covers a living room, a dining room, and bedrooms, while the canopy over the narrow terrace marks the transition between the house and the garden. A small rear roof accommodates all the functional and connecting rooms.


Two layers pervade inside the light timber structure of the zero-energy house: in addition to the horizontal distribution, which is characterised by living areas, the functional areas are layered towards the depth of the building.

Architects: Felippi Wyssen Architects
Area: 180 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Rasmus Norlander
Woodwork:PM Mangold Holzbau, Ormalingen


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