MTR 住宅,加拿大, Alain Carle Architecte

位于Lac Tremblant,魁北克最受推崇的湖泊之一,该场地的特点是既壮观又有限制。非常陡峭的地形和高大的岩石悬崖使该地的实施或交通选择很少。湖边一个非常大的平坦岩石盖被选为 “0级”,并允许创建建筑项目的锚定身份。作为湖面上的一种天然阳台,这个岩帽有一个特殊的优势,那就是靠近高高的悬崖,与大水体对面的土地接壤,并允许充分欣赏这种自然环境的纪念性。

Located on Lac Tremblant, one of Québec’s most highly esteemed lakes, the site presented features as spectacular as they were restrictive. Very steep terrain and high rock cliffs allowed few options for implementation or traffic on the site. A very large flat rock cap on the edge of the lake was chosen as “level 0” and allowed creation of the architectural project’s anchoring identity. Offered as a kind of natural balcony over the lake, this cap had the special advantage of proximity to high cliffs, bordering the part of the land opposite the large body of water, and allowed a full appreciation of the monumentality of this natural setting.


The project’s general morphology reflected a landscape strategy to allow implementation at this precise location, following the linear feature of this stone mass. The simple shape of the volumes and their repetitive composition reinforce the horizontal appearance of the site from the shore and deliberately place the architecture in the background, giving way to the rock cap’s mineral textures. A breakthrough view of almost the entire ground floor on the south side is analogous to the belvedere when strolling outside.

然而,该项目在构图上提供了一个重要的对立面:它慷慨地开向高高的悬崖,而不是简单地开向湖面。这座住宅的另一个 “主 “立面的相对垂直构成提供了一个宽敞的窗口,两侧是建筑的内部楼梯。

However, the project offers a significant counterpoint in its composition: it opens generously onto the high cliffs rather than simply onto the lake. The relatively vertical composition of this other “main” facade of the residence provides a generous window flanked by the building’s interior stairway The horizontal layout of the ground floor offered by its wide opening onto the lake is juxtaposed to the vertical movements on the stairway, allowing appreciation of the “natural wall” of the cliffs from different points of view on each of the three storeys.


Like an observatory, this residence can divert its occupants’ perspective from the determining nature of the stylistic architectural approach to reveal the essential aspect of its role: that of being positioned somewhere in space.

Architects: Alain Carle Architecte
Area : 6500 ft²
Year : 2020
Photographs :Felix Michaud