MUDE Office ,韩国, Design Studio Mono

韩国化妆品品牌MUDE始于 “缪斯 “一词,一个鼓舞人心的存在。我们想创造一个像品牌故事一样的鼓舞人心的空间。我们确立了设计语言,希望它能成为一个表达MUDE的感性和品牌核心价值的空间。

Korean cosmetic brand MUDE started with the word ‘muse’, an inspirational being. We wanted to create an inspirational space like a brand story. We established the design language in the hope that it would be a space to express MUDE’s sensibility and brand core values.




First, the form. We formed a space that expresses the curves. Elegant curves express the brand image of MUDE.

Second, the material. We hoped the central space to be a picturesque space so we put beautiful natural elements and textures into the space. We wanted to deliver a comfortable and unique experience in the central space.

Third, the color. The deep beige color and soft light create a comfortable atmosphere for the space.


Through these plans, we intended to carefully put a relaxed, elegant atmosphere in the space. We hope that it will be a place where we can deliver rest and inspiration beyond providing a better working environment for workers.

Architects: Design Studio Mono
Area : 185 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Seeun Park
Lead Architects : Suhyun Oh, Yeun Kang
Interior Design : Design Studio Mono
City : Seongdong-gu
Country : South Korea