这是由宫川清(Kyyoshi Miyagawa)/ SESN设计的位于东京银座的美容诊所“ N BEAUTY CLINIC GINZA”。
宫川清:”中央区银座的美容诊所N BEAUTY CLINIC GINZA的设计。通过在移动曲线和曲面的同时对齐它们,该空间保留了其自然性,同时具有连续性和可诱导性。我们计划以自然的深色和粉红色的青铜等材料保持单调的尊严,以便可以将其定位在一个叫做银座的地方。”

Miyagawa Kiyoshi / SESN designed beauty clinic “N BEAUTY CLINIC GINZA” in Ginza, Tokyo.
Designed by N BEAUTY CLINIC GINZA, a beauty clinic in Ginza, Chuo-ku.By aligning curves and curved surfaces while shifting them, the space retains its naturalness while providing continuity and inducibility. We plan to maintain dignity in a monotonous manner with natural deep colors and materials such as pink bronze so that it can be localized in the location of Ginza.

Designer : Kiyoshi Miyagawa/SESN
Lighting: Mizuki Matsuura/hmmm
Location : ginza chuo-ku tokyo
Usage : beauty clinic
Photo: Tomooki Kengaku