The Nấm ( Mushroom coffee shop) was built on a pre-existing garden. The site is located in a new, charged, and fast-growing residential area near Amata Bien Hoa industrial park.


The first step of the architect team when they took over the project was measuring and checking the location and attributes of each existing plant in the garden. The team tried not to move or affect the large trees in the garden. Therefore, based on the density and locations of the trees, we deployed the cylinder volumes onto the site. Each block holds a function of the cafe: housing, kitchen, toilet, the main building block (which sinks down compare to the stream), and the flexible smalls blocks that can be changed depending on the guests’ requirements (meeting, selling m Co-working, workshop…). The volumes may appear more and possibly in different materials if the owner is in need of expansion, just as the diverse, ever-growing population of mushrooms.

建筑师建议为游客提供各种无障碍设施: 首先是创造一个连接所有可用于引导路径的区块的池塘和小溪。第二种是通过连接一些地点和使用多种形式的楼梯来连接所有的结构,以创造一种连续的和意想不到的体验。第三是做一个对比体量尺度的体验。自然光或夜光通过砖块的缝隙或用各种瓦片图案创造的开口被过滤掉。

The architects suggested various methods of accessibility for the visitors: The first is to create a pond and stream connecting all the blocks that were available to guide the path. The second is to connect all the structures by linking some of the locations and using multiple forms of stairs to create a continuous and unexpected experience. The third is to make an experience of contrasting the volumes’ scale. The amount of natural sunlight or night light is filtered through the gaps of the bricks or the openings created with the various tiles’ patterns.


The roof part over the cylinder volumes can be used like a 2nd floor, where people can have a closer physical relationship with the ever-spreading canopy. The material chosen is the locally available red bricks, stream rocks, and paving stones, most of which were accumulated by the investor even before the construction. Except for the kitchen, storage, and family living spaces, the others are completely open without air conditioning systems.


The project was designed at the beginning of 2019. The process took 3 years due to the Covid 19 epidemic. The developments such as choosing the furniture, and retaining wall paintings of the investor are beyond the architect team’s expectations. However, what the team desire is not just an ordinary business cafe, but a rare, open green space that remains in the densely populated neighborhood that is being developed too quickly to control.

Architects: G+ Architects
Area : 1200 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Quang Tran
Manufacturers : Ha Tien, TUILDONAI, Toto
City : Bien Hoa
Country : Vietnam