NAWA仿生雕塑,波兰弗罗茨瓦夫,Oskar Zięta

NAWA是由波兰建筑师未来派建筑雕塑 Oskar Zięta 设计。雕塑有机形状,镜面抛光,参考岛屿的形状,同时反映奥得河周围郁郁葱葱的自然景观,暗指城市的建筑发展历史。借助先进的软件设计并使用Zięta自己发明的创新技术进行设计,仿生装置的灵感来自于城市最具代表性的哥特式和巴洛克式建筑的拱形建筑,通过其创新设计弥合了弗罗茨瓦夫的过去和现在。

Located in Daliowa River Island, the smallest of over a dozen in downtown Wrocław in western Poland, NAWA is a futuristic architectural sculpture by Polish architect Oskar Zięta that reflects, both literally and figuratively, its historic surroundings. Organic in shape and mirror-polished in finish, the sculpture references the island’s shape while reflecting the lush natural landscape formed by the Oder River, while surreptitiously alluding to the city’s architectural history.Designed with the help of advance software and built using innovative technology invented by Zięta himself, the bionic installation is nevertheless inspired by the arched construction of some of the city’s most iconic Gothic and Baroque edifices, bridging Wrocław’s past and present through its innovative design.


Part of Daliowa Island’s revitalization program whose goal is to transform this once neglected and forgotten area into an inspiring space for socializing, concerts and artistic events, NAWA was unveiled in June 2017 on the heels of Wrocław’s stint as European Capital of Culture in 2016 to wide acclaim as attested by several accolades including being chosen by Architektura-Murator magazine as the most innovative Polish architectural project of 2017, and its nomination for the 2019 Mies van der Rohe Award, European Union’s Prize for Contemporary Architecture.

Design: Oskar Zięta 
Photo ©: Oskar Zięta


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