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Nile Safari Lodge is a luxury eco lodge located on the southern bank of the River Nile overlooking Murchison Falls National Park. At one time one of Uganda’s best known lodges, Nile Safari Lodge was showing signs of its age and Localworks was commissioned to lead a complete rebuild and upgrade of the facility to bring it in line with changing requirements in the hospitality industry.

Localworks对主楼的建筑理念是避免 “真正的建筑”,而是创造出一系列 “漂浮 “在景观之上的草制茅草屋顶,通过与周围荒野更直接的联系,为小屋的客户提供令人兴奋的 “丛林体验”。设计的开放性使空气在通常炎热和潮湿的气候下最大限度地通过结构,同时在客人通过时产生一系列意想不到的河流和公园的景色。

Localworks’ architectural concept for the main building was to avoid a ‘real building’, instead creating a series of grass thatched roofs that ‘float’ above the landscape to provide the lodge’s clients with an exciting ‘bush experience’ through a more direct connection to the surrounding wilderness. The open nature of the design maximises airflow through the structure in what is generally a hot and humid climate, while at the same time generating a series of unexpected views of the river and park for guests as they move through it.


The geometry of the roofs was generated in response to the large number of existing trees on the site, a generally steep topography, and the framing of views into the surrounding landscape. The terraced arrangement of floor levels creates multiple private indoor and outdoor spaces with unique angles into the nature beyond. One of these terraces is defined by a large infinity pool that merges lodge and river. A small open pavilion located on a particularly spectacular spot with long views towards both sunrise and sunset serves as the massage house.

客人的住宿是在八个宽敞的小屋(”bandas”)中提供的,每个小屋都面向河流,具有完全的隐私性。在别墅内,一张大的中央床可以通过一个悬臂式的木质甲板俯瞰河流,而豪华的环境和生活在大自然中的体验之间的矛盾则通过一个带有浴缸和室内/室外淋浴的宽大玻璃浴室进一步解决。八个Bandas中的一个是专门为蜜月旅行者准备的,它有自己的私人瀑布池和一张户外 “明星床”。一个家庭别墅可容纳八人,有两间大卧室,每间卧室都有一个夹层,并有自己的私人客厅、游泳池和露台。

Guest accommodation is provided in eight generous cottages (‘bandas’), each facing the river in complete privacy. Within the bandas, a large central bed overlooks the river across a cantilevered wooden deck, while the contradiction between a luxury environment and the experience of living in nature is further resolved by a widely glazed bathroom with bathtub and indoor/outdoor shower. One of the eight bandas is dedicated to honeymooners and features its own private plunge pool and an outdoor ‘star bed’. A family banda accommodates up to eight people in two large bedrooms, each with a mezzanine, and has its own private living room, swimming pool and terrace.

所有的主要体量都是南北向的,以配合盛行的风向,并保护内部空间免受赤道地区强烈的阳光照射。帐篷是用高跷架起的,以应对陡峭的斜坡,并通过允许空气在建筑物下流动来提高室内的舒适度,建筑物以天然材料为主,主要是木材、草和石头。桉树杆提供了主要的结构,基本上是 “无墙 “的安排,主楼有一个装饰性的 “钻石网格”,有效地加强了屋顶,这是一个非层次的结构系统。

All primary volumes are north-south orientated to match the prevailing wind direction and protect the interior spaces from the intense equatorial sun. The bandas are raised on stilts to deal with the steep slopes and to enhance the indoor comfort by allowing air to flow under the buildings, which are dominated by natural materials, mainly wood, grass and stone. Eucalyptus poles provide the primary structure in a largely ‘wall-less’ arrangement, with the main building featuring an ornamental ‘diamond grid’ that efficiently stiffens the roof in what is a non-hierarchical structural system.


There is no mechanical cooling anywhere throughout the lodge and the entire facility is powered by photo-voltaic panels. Guests are provided with all amenities of a luxury lodge including private fridges and wireless internet throughout, all powered by the sun. Water is pumped from the river, filtered to drinking water quality using a UV filtration system and then heated by the sun for showers and bathtubs. Waste water is collected in holding tanks and pumped to a location far away from the river banks to allow for safe treatment in an anaerobic baffled reactor with percolation trenches.

Architects: Localworks
Area: 2400 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Will Boase Photography
Lead Architect: Felix Holland, Albert Ahimbisibwe, Allan Semakula, Deborah Tusiime, Edson Agume, Ethan Walker, Felix Holland, Juliana Achi, Morgane Charron, Nobert Ahumuza, Oriol Reventós, Paul Kyoma Asiimwe, Philip Matovu, Philip Murungi, Robert Mugisha, Torsten Lorange
Consultants:Dudley Kasibante and Partners (QS & Project Managers)
Contractors:ARS Construction, KAL Engineering


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