NN/VV 公寓,白俄罗斯明斯克,Sasha Hamolin

对于白俄罗斯的室内和家具设计师Sasha Hamolin来说,简洁不仅仅是没有杂乱的代名词,而是一个物体或空间本质目的的升华。他对当代极简主义的理解在他最新的项目中得到了充分展示,这个项目是对明斯克一套家庭公寓的翻新。采用柔和的调色板和无填充的美学,该物业充满了灵魂的精神,这要感谢一个折衷的混合互补的纹理和微妙的对比口音,而设计师对细节的敏锐眼睛使复杂的解决方案看起来简单和毫不费力。

For Belarusian interior and furniture designer Sasha Hamolin, simplicity isn’t just another word for the absence of clutter, but rather it’s the distillation of the essential purpose of an object or space. His take on contemporary minimalism is on full display in his latest project, the renovation of a family apartment in Minsk. Embracing a muted colour palette and a no-fills aesthetic, the property is nevertheless imbued with a soulful spirit thanks to an eclectic mix of complementing textures and subtly contrasting accents, while the designer’s keen eye for detail makes sophisticated solutions seem simple and effortless.

Design:Sasha Hamlin
Photograph:Artem Bobrov, Yanina Novikova.