Nogal 之家,墨西哥,BGP Arquitectura


Paceful and monumental, the Nogal (Walnut) House adopts its name from the conditions defining its location in the site: it respects the existing surroundings by scattering patios around the walnut trees in the plot while the house adapts its contour to them.


Each space is joined with the exterior through particular gardens where colors and textures match with furniture in steel, rattan and wood, also designed by bgp. The entrance to the house is through the middle level, where living, dining room and kitchen are located besides a home theater that, by opening and closing doors, could be an independent extra room for the house.


A double height space connects this level with the upper library, studio and pool area with a grill. In the ground level, in touch with the patios, are the bedrooms and the family room, in a more intimate atmosphere.


Sustainability had special considerations in the design. The use of insulated double-walls and glasses, and the presence of few windows facing south, help reduce solar heat to the interiors, minimizing HVAC requirements.


Besides this, the use of crossed natural ventilation, the use of the ground as thermal mass insulation by burying the house partially, and the use of low maintenance vegetation, make an optimal use of water and electrical resources in the project.

Architects: BGP Arquitectura
Area : 670 m²
Year : 2018
Photographs :The Raws
Manufacturers : Vitro®, Cemex, BGP Arquitectura, Empresas, Flam Rugs Design Center, Helios Tecnología Solar, Interceramic, Panel Rey, Stonia, Vidriera Garza de Cadereyta
Collaborators : Iván Rey, Moisés Hernández, César Gálvez, Alba Silva, Luis Felipe Márquez, Regina Nájera, Marianne Herrera, Mariana Hernández, Dahyanna Castillo
Constructor : Canada Grupo Inmobiliario
Ligthning : Luz en Arquitectura S.C.
Landscape : Maritza Hernández
Plastic Work : Eric Perez, Reinaldo Diaz Zesati, Edna Pallares, Javier Guadarrama, Manolo Cocho
Structure : Sociedad de Diseño Estructural
Authors Architects : Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Luis Enrique Mendoza.
City : San Pedro Garza García
Country : Mexico