NOIE -cooperative house- is a Tokyo Cooperative house with eleven dwelling units which color the townscape individually.

Designing the relationship of collectivity and individuality.


A cooperative house with eleven dwelling units located in the suburb of western Tokyo. Firstly, skeleton plan was provided to the potential residents. Infill design was developed based on this skeleton frame. Under such scheme, the challenge was to develop the space dynamically through interactivity of the skeleton and infill design instead of simply adjusting the infill design into the skeleton frame.

本项目的目标是通过设计自由度实现居民生活方式的独特空间,最大限度地提高骨架框架的灵活性,并提出了以下设计规范;”类似于独栋别墅 “的住宅单元布局:为每个家庭提供独立的楼层需求:为内部空间组成和与邻近单位的隐私提供灵活性。

The goal of this project was to realize the space unique to resident’s lifestyle through design freedom maximizing the flexibility of skeleton frame and following design code has been proposed; “Single house-like” dwelling unit layout:provide independency for each household Floor level on demand:provide flexibility for internal space composition and privacy from neighboring units.

12平方米的公共设施空间:居民可以自由决定用途 屋顶平台形成阶梯状:每个平台可以选择不同的屋顶种植计划。

12 square meters utility space:residents liberty to determine the usage Rooftop terrace formed as step form:different roof planting plans could be selected for each terrace.


当你走过20米长的通道时,一个独特的扇形场地突然出现在房屋之间,这是引导游客进入 “NOIE “镇的象征性门户。”NOIE “是由联排别墅式的建筑组成,环绕着居民可以开车的小巷。它的布局很复杂,房屋之间相互连接,类似于 “町家 “风格。 面向小巷的建筑开口采用了钢制窗帘,为楼层的构成提供了灵活性。

The Personality of Houses Colors the Townscape

A unique fan shaped site suddenly appears among the houses as you walk through 20 meters long approach, which is the symbolic gateway that leads visitors to the town “NOIE”. “NOIE” is composed of town-house style buildings that surround the alley where residents can drive their cars. The layout is complex and houses are connected to each other which resemble the “machiya” style. Steel sash is used for the opening of the building that faces the alley, providing the flexibility on composition of the floor level.

Through this design, the unique composition of each houses directly appear in the façade and shapes the townscape. Inadvertent aggregation of the uniqueness and characteristic of residents and their lifestyle realized by flexible designing is what creates the rich and colorful townscape of NOIE.

Architects: YUUA Architects & Associates
Area : 796 m²
Year : 2012
Photographs :SOBAJIMA Toshihiro
Structural Engineer : Hirotsugu Tsuboi Structural Engineers
Facility Engineer : Kitamura Machinery Engineering
Plants Designer : SOLSO
Interior Designers : YUUA Architects and Associates, SOL style
Architect In Charge : Madoka Aihara, Tomokazu Shimizu
Producer : Archinet
Constructor : Watanabe Kensetsu
City : Tokyo
Country : Japan