Northcote Edwardian住宅,澳大利亚墨尔本,Melanie Beynon

与首次购房者兼建筑商合作可能很有挑战性,但墨尔本建筑师梅勒妮·贝农(Melanie Beynon)在与一套爱德华七年代(Northcote Edwardian)住宅的新业主合作时并无保留意见。

Working with a first-time owner-builder can be challenging, but Melbourne architect Melanie Beynon had no reservations when she started collaborating with the new owners of a Northcote Edwardian home.
“The clients’ attention to detail was second to none,” says Beynon of the couple, one of whom was her husband’s former bass guitar teacher. “They handpicked the timbers for the build and worked with trades that were willing to teach and guide them. They took the design and documentation, and made the best of it with execution.”

Architect of Record: Melanie Beynon Architecture & Design
Builder/General Contractor: Client
Cabinetry Design/Installation and Joinery: Westwood