Nudo 是由总部位于布鲁塞尔的OGSB工作室设计的极简主义座椅系列。由于钢结构被构思成一个贯穿空间的绘图,产生轮廓、空间和连接点,所以该系列着重于线条之间的相互作用。钢固有的坚固性使设计在实现结构功能的同时保持其形式的轻盈。室内装潢采用Kvadrat面料,90%的新羊毛。Nudo 系列是当地手工制作的不同颜色和大小的选择。有几个模块可用;一个2或3个座位的沙发,一个躺椅和一个脚凳,允许各种组合和应用。

Nudo is a minimalist seating collection designed by Brussels-based studio OGSB. The collection focuses on the interplay of lines since the steel structure was conceived as a drawing through space, generating contours, spaces and junctions. The inherent sturdiness of steel allows the design to keep its formal lightness while fulfilling its function as a structure. The upholstery is made with Kvadrat Fabric with 90% of new wool. Nudo Collection is locally handcrafted with different colors and sizes options. Several modules are available; a 2 or 3-seater sofa, a daybed and a footrest allowing various combinations and applications.

Design: OGSB
Photography: Jim Bara


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