Oblique住宅,荷兰,Niels Maier

荷兰室内设计师Niels Maier与WOOOOOOOW分享了他的项目“ Oblique House”,这是一个宽敞的几何住宅,由三层堆叠的建筑组成,既传达了房屋概念,又传达了项目名称。
该房屋是与Ruimtemakers Architecten合作设计的。该房屋被荷兰南部一处大型物业的森林所包围,似乎是从其葱郁的环境中冒出来的。这三个体积是由相反的重要性构成的,彼此形成了鲜明的对比。构成底楼的主要空间是用灰色砖砌成的,包括起居,就餐和厨房区域以及主卧室和套间。第二卷是用木头制成的,包括储藏室,洗衣房和熨烫室。安装在住宅顶部的第三个体积是用可丽耐制成的,这种可丽耐是一种类似于花岗岩的实心材料,其白色外墙散布着倾斜的线条,取自该项目的名称。三种不同的形式结合在一起以创建一个有凝聚力和平衡的整体。房屋内部的物质元素形成了鲜明的对比:通过将装饰简约的室内装饰与单色调色板和定制家具相结合,使房屋散发出优雅的美感和宁静的氛围。标志性作品包括Le Corbusier和Pierre Jeanneret的“休闲椅”,Philipp Mainzer的“ ST04 Backenzahn凳子”以及Charles和Ray Eames的Vitra的“屋鸟”。

The Dutch interior designer Niels Maier has shared with WOOOOOOOW his project ‘Oblique House’, an expansive, geometric residence comprising three stacked volumes that inform both the concept of the home and the project’s title.
The home was designed in collaboration with Ruimtemakers Architecten. Encased by forest on a large property in the south of the Netherlands, the residence appears to have cropped up from its verdant surroundings. The three volumes are made from opposing materiality, and stand in stark contrast to one another. The primary volume that makes up the ground floor is constructed from gray brick, and encompasses the living, dining, and kitchen areas as well as the master bedroom and ensuite. The second volume, made from wood, includes rooms for storage, the laundry, and an ironing room. The third volume mounted on top of the residence is made from Corian—a solid material with a finish akin to granite—its white facade is interspersed with obliquely-shaped lines, where the project’s name is taken from. The three varying forms combine together to create a cohesive and balanced whole. The contrast of material elements is further continued inside the house: by focusing on a minimally furnished interior with a monochrome palette and bespoke furniture pieces, the home elicits a sophisticated aesthetic with a calm atmosphere. Iconic pieces include the Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret ‘Lounge Chair’, the ‘ST04 Backenzahn Stool’ by Philipp Mainzer, and the ‘House Bird’ by Charles and Ray Eames for Vitra.

Design:Niels Maier&Ruimtemakers Architecten
Photograph:Thomas De Bruyne