Oculi 之家,纽约,O’Neill Rose Architects


Our approach to this project was spurred by ideas of daylight, visual connection, and the intersection between the digital and handcrafted processes. We used light, view, materials, and sections to connect inside and outside and to create an experience of place.

我们通过对材料的探索和对施工方法的利用,在每天和意外之间找到了平衡。 我们对数字设计和手工建造的交叉点非常感兴趣;数字和模拟过程之间的关系。

We found a balance between every day and the unexpected through the exploration of materials and the exploitation of construction methods. We were very interested in the intersection of digital design and handcrafted construction; the relationship between digital and analog processes.

例如,我们使用3D成像和绘图来旋转和对齐厨房墙面的12块全尺寸石板,使脉络连接到各个石板上,创造一个25英尺长的浮动景观。 然后,我们打印了全尺寸的模板,并在石场工作,帮助工匠们手工切割石头,创造出这幅 “石头做的画”。

For instance, we used 3d imaging and drafting to rotate and align twelve full-size stone slabs for a kitchen wall so that the veins connect across the individual slabs to create a 25’ long floating landscape. We then printed full-scale templates and worked in the stone yard to help the artisans cut the stone by hand to create this ‘painting made of stone.’


By far our greatest triumph was using this digital and handmade approach to create the two large, irregularly curved oculi within the house’s attic space. We used 3d modeling to create full-scale cross-sections of these irregular ellipses at 12” intervals which the artisans used to create a physical formwork and then employ age-old plastering techniques to create the beautiful, sculptural voids.


Light floods through and down the stairs, joining the light filtering through the foyer and the large glazed openings at the rear to create a joyful, light-filled experience of home.


The result of our investigation is an architecture that inspires the inhabitants to explore and express how they coexist within the larger landscapes of their lives and to create a richer and more meaningful place in which to live, work, and play.

Architects: O’Neill Rose Architects
Area : 3800 ft²
Year : 2018
Photographs :Michael Moran
Manufacturers : ABC Stone, Bliss Nor-Am, Lepage Millwork, Stone Source
Lead Architect : Devin O’Neill
Structure : Ross Dalland P.E
General Contractor : ABR Construction Group LLC
City : New York
Country : United States