Ogimachi住宅,名古屋,Uno Tomoaki Architects

Ogimachi House是一座位于日本名古屋的极简主义住宅,由Uno Tomoaki Architects设计。该建筑由防火雪松和天然木材组成,在冬季提供隔热。为了提供隐私,正面没有窗户。这个家通过一排天窗接收自然光。

Ogimachi House is a minimalist residence located in Nagoya, Japan, designed by Uno Tomoaki Architects. The structure consists of fire-proof cedar and natural timber, which provide heat insulation during the Winter. The stark facade is windowless in order to provide privacy. The home receives natural light through an array of skylights.

Design: Uno Tomoaki Architects
Photography: Ben Hosking


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