One Hundred ,美国, Studio Gang

One Hundred是一个俯瞰圣路易斯森林公园的住宅大楼。该塔楼是Studio Gang在该市的第一个项目,将升至380多英尺,包括零售、设施、停车场和住宅公寓,西边是公园的景色,东边是盖特威拱门。

One Hundred is a residential tower overlooking Forest Park in St. Louis. The tower, Studio Gang’s first project in the city, will rise to over 380 feet and include retail, amenities, parking, and residential apartments with views of the park to the west and the Gateway Arch to the east.


Four-story tiers are stacked over the height of the tower. The facade is angled to create generous outdoor spaces on top of each tier, providing terraces for a quarter of the apartments, as well as shared amenity space for the resident community atop the green roof podium.


Working to enhance the opportunities provided by the site orientation and environmental forces, the building’s leaf-shaped plan and tiered massing maximize its performance, reducing overall energy load and increasing occupant comfort.

Architects: Studio Gang
Area : 520000 ft²
Year : 2020
Photographs :Tom Harris, Sam Fentress
Manufacturers : Lorin Industries, Terrazzo & Marble
Structural Engineer : Magnusson Klemencic Associates
MEP Engineer : dbHMS
Mechanical Engineering : Charles E. Jarrell Contracting Co
Electrical Engineering : Sachs Electric Company, DeLuca Plumbing
Civil Engineering : Stock & Associates Consulting Engineers
Landscape Architect : Arbolope Studio
Lighting Consultants : MorLights
Vertical Transportation Systems Consultants : Jenkins & Huntington
Residential Interiors : Mac Development
Fire Protection Consultants : FIRE Solutions
Facades Consultants : Studio NYL
Pool Consultant : Counsilman-Hunsaker
Parking Consultant : WGI
Code Consultants : Code Consultants
Specifications Consultant : Core 10 Architecture
General Contractor : Clayco
City : St. Louis
Country : United States