Oscar Niemeyer 体育文化中心,法国,LA SODA

奥斯卡-尼迈尔体育文化中心位于迪耶普的高地,代表了Val Druel区的复兴。该项目以总体规划设计师的名字命名,结合自然坡度创造了一个阳台,展现了景观品质。其精致的造型突出了周围的环境,如佩坦克带露台和附近的树林。

Located on the heights of Dieppe, the Oscar Niemeyer Sports and Cultural Centre represents the revival of Val Druel district. Named after the master plan’s designer, the project incorporates the natural slope creating a balcony which reveals landscape qualities. Its refined shape accentuates the surroundings, as the pétanque strip terrace and the nearby woods.


The main space offers a seven metres ceiling height and a three-sided view. Inner activities can be seen from the car park and the pedestrian lanes, passers-by can even look through the building. The separation between inside and outside is blurred, the Centre itself provides an alternative walk connecting the lower and higher esplanades. Design sobriety is balanced by attention to detail and quality of materiality.


The project combines raw materials (cast concrete, larch wood, white painted hollow bricks) and produces a kind of preciousness, as witnessed by the oblique line carved in concrete to guide visitors towards the entrance hall, or by circles of light which underline the acroterion at nightfall, reminding curtain folds.

面积 : 750 m²
摄影:Maxime Verret
Architects: LA SODA
Area: 750 m²
Year: 2017
Photographs: Maxime Verret
Country: France