Studio davidpompa has unveiled a sensorial exhibition coinciding with the launch of their latest lighting collection. The studio’s biggest project to date and the first time the team have created a space focusing on a single craft, the exhibition — Palma the woven craft — has opened its doors earlier this month in Mexico City.
The installation centres on the origin of the Palma collection as an experimental work. The new lighting collection created the starting point for the exhibition, giving the stage to explore this age-old craft, transcending the distinctions between objects and their material origin.
Palm weaving is one of the most iconic and oldest Mexican crafts. It has been used by prehispanic cultures throughout Mexico in wide applications. From petates (used as a thin mattress), baskets, food containers, tollicpalli (seats), sandals, nets to fans. Later on, sombreros were introduced by the Spaniards, reinforcing the cultural history of this material. Its weaving techniques are passed from generation to generation nowadays, gifting us with a splendid handcraft.

在举办实体展览的同时,一个在线平台收集了所展示物品的过程,让参观者以虚拟的方式体验帕尔马的编织工艺。作为展览的一部分,与厨师Elena Reygadas的感官合作带来了烹饪体验,与设计师Philipp Kolmann的气味开发合作进一步加强了沉浸式体验。欲了解更多信息,请访问palmaexhibition.com。

Parallel to the physical exhibition, an online platform collects the process of the objects being displayed, allowing visitors to experience Palma the woven craft as a virtual parallel. As part of the exhibition, sensorial collaborations with chef Elena Reygadas for a culinary experience and designer Philipp Kolmann for scent development further bolster the immersive experience. For more information, visit palmaexhibition.com.