PannKa Part是一个游戏和社区中心,位于布达佩斯一个充满活力的住宅区的中心。该项目位于Palatinus House的临街层,该住宅楼在1911年建造时被认为是最现代和最豪华的建筑之一。该物业拥有美丽的空间,有极高的高度,巨大的门户,以及多瑙河、玛格丽特岛和布达山的壮观景色。

PannKa Part is a play and community center located in the heart of a vibrant residential district of Budapest. The project is situated on the street level of the Palatinus House, a residential building considered one of the most modern and luxurious buildings at its construction in 1911. The property has beautiful spaces with extreme heights, huge portals, and a spectacular view of the Danube, Margaret Island, and Buda hills.


The local council decided to create a new establishment for young families by converting the rundown space of this property in 2020. The center opened in June 2022 and now welcomes kids aged 0-6 with their parents. It has two activity rooms where the different teacher-led activities (singing, dancing, crafts, etc.) take place. In the heart of the center is the free play area where kids can play under their parents’ supervision.


We made sure to preserve the integrity of the magnificent interiors. It was a key aspect of our concept to create interesting visual and physical connections between different spaces within the center. The activity rooms are separated but remain connected through the large inner glazing, which provides orientation and a sense of the whole space. The large upper glazing also ensures that daylight can reach the inner room. The free play area is situated on the storefront not only to take advantage of the view from the inside but also to attract people walking by. The staff on the mezzanine will only be completed at a future date, due to budget considerations.


We created a calm, fresh, and welcoming space for free play, where architecture stays in the background and lets the kids and toys bring color to the space. The principal material is pine plywood used as cover for all the new partitions in the main areas and pine wood veneer for all the furniture. The only space where we let colors dominate is the toilet area, where a 5x5cm coral mosaic welcomes visitors. The architecture only comes to the foreground through the playful reception desk which seconds as a large pegboard.


Children might come out of the center talking about all the toys and other kids they met, but still we are confident that spending time in such a designed space will make a difference in how they learn to appreciate the built environment.

Architects: ARCHIKON ARCHITECTSArea : 353 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Balázs Danyi
Manufacturers : AGROB BUCHTAL, ES-System, EXENIA, Ikea, Infloor Girloon, JAB, Montecolino, Tarkett
Lead Architects : Csaba Nagy, Károly Pólus, Petra Reményi, Miklós Batta
Structure : TETRA-Plan Mérnökiroda Kft
Architectural Assistant : Jacqueline Horn
Visualiser : Bence Várhidi
Electricity : AP-Lightworks
City : Budapest
Country : Hungary