Pasodoble 住房,瑞士, Nomos


Pasodoble offers a home to people with mental disabilities and to students, as well as collective and social housing. Commercial spaces and a center for physical training and rehabilitation are located on the ground floor. A continuous arched portico binds them together and forms the structural base of the building.


Two distinct volumes accommodate this diverse programme. They share an enfilade of slightly shifted patios. Together they reconcile the two different alignments on site and frame a majestic cedar tree. The space and the tension between the two bodies is reminiscent of the popular dance pasodoble, and creates the architectural theme and stimulates collective delight.


The communal residence of the SGIPA, as well as the student apartments, are organized as linear cluster types, the other apartments as cross types. All the living spaces gather around the courtyard, while the individual rooms look outwards.

pasodoble的二进制节奏也通过使用意大利Vietri sul Mare手工制作的绿色和白色瓷砖来表达。它们在提供方向感和美感的同时反映了彼此的特质,与传统社会和临床住房的忧郁形成鲜明对比。

The binary rhythm of the pasodoble is also expressed by the use of the green and white ceramic tiles, handcrafted in Vietri sul Mare in Italy. They reflect each other’s qualities while providing orientation and beauty, much in contrast to the melancholy of traditional social and clinical housing.

Architects: Nomos
Area : 6133 m²
Year : 2021
Photographs :Paola Corsini
Team : Lucas Camponovo, Katrien Vertenten, Massimo Bianco, Maxime Poirier, Mariko Tsunooka, Marta Mato, Jean-Luc Chênes, Sébastien Correard, Paul Galindo, Ophélie Herranz
City : Lancy
Country : Switzerland