Patio 之家,西班牙,studioNOLET

这个家庭住宅位于加泰罗尼亚Baix Emporda的一个郊区边缘,在一个陡峭的山坡上,俯瞰一个森林山谷。

This family house is located at the edge of a suburb in the Baix Emporda, Catalonia, on a steep hill overlooking a forested valley.


The house is organized around a double-height patio space that is shaded by a pergola of concrete beams and offers a framed view of the mountains opposite.


From the street to the top of the hill steps descend to the upper-level entrance door. All spaces in the house vary in proportions, and each room has a window with a different configuration of its glazing and threshold. All are modestly sized to limit solar gain, with the patio giving a second aspect to most rooms. The elevations are the resultant expressions of the various framed landscape views from these interiors, of which the patio opening is the largest.


The project is largely constructed with locally sourced clay materials, such as ceramic vaults, bricks, quarry tiles, and glazed tiles. Their natural hues are set off with white plaster and are combined with various joinery items painted in artificial tones of green and amber, linking the interiors to the surrounding pine trees.

Architects: studioNOLET
Year: 2021
Photographs: DEL RIO BANI
Manufacturers: Ceràmica Ferres, Living ceramics, Ceramica Baucells, Iroko hardwood, Mipa, cerámica elías
Local Architect:Raül Sanchez Esteban
City:Baix Empordà


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