PeacoQ之家,日本,UID Architects


The house is for a family of three built on the northern corner lot of a gently-curving, tiered residential land. The site is in a residential neighborhood and enjoys views of the peaceful landscape over the bank on its eastern side. While its southwestern sides are hemmed in by neighboring houses, the land opens up in a fan-shape towards the street on the northeastern side, giving it a unique character.


In this project, we repeated the curved space starting at the southwestern side as the center point, expanding it from the inside to the outside towards the front road while amplifying the walls in concentric circles.


Furthermore, we used this unique site to revisit the concept of having no boundaries ― to envision the overall perspective by treating the surrounding green areas as part of the project’s outdoor space. Specifically, we extended the building volume so that it sits as close to the edge as possible within the allowable setback-line regulation.


A large, arc-shaped wall stands along the site perimeter, creating a small garden that functions as a buffer between the inside and outside. We designed the wall as a massive mud-plastered wall with few openings; it floats 700 millimeters above ground, creating an interior-like space that works as an extension of the outside while also ensuring privacy.


Additionally, the ever-changing sunlight from the south is projected onto the northeast wall, allowing the residents to feel the light in each room. By building a small, three-dimensional landscape and a single large, floating wall within the small distance that lies between the family and the street, we believe we were able to create a vibrant living environment that helps the residents expand their scope of interaction while also satisfying their requirements.

Architects: UID Architects
Area: 101 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Koji Fujii / TOREAL
Structural Engineer: Takashi Manda Structural Design
Landscape Design: Toshiya Ogino Landscape design
General Contractor: Hashimoto Construction Co.Ltd


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