药房OK2柜台及接待厅OK2沙发,日本,Kudo Kopei Architectural

工藤晃平:“创建为药房接待柜台的家具。 我们收到的要求不是要有统一的一对一柜台,而是要有一种可以让每个人自由选择座位的东西,例如孩子,夫妇,甚至一位客人。此外, 最好有一些指导,主要是由工作人员指导,以便在与客户面对面时使用个人计算机输入药物历史记录并执行会计程序。因此,通过使柜台连续成弧形,我们可以建立一种关系,例如,右侧是PC,正面是客户,左侧是收银台,四面都朝向正面的建筑物。我们决定赋予家具多方向性。建筑物被木材和混凝土等材料所包围,所以我想使用光滑且反光的材料使其具有外观。但是,如果为此目的使用铝,不锈钢或钢制框架并制成整体,则会给人沉重而硬的印象,并且价格会很高,因此基本框架是木质的,通常用于表面材料我们决定在上面贴三聚氰胺材料。该尺寸也是可以从46尺寸格式中取出的平坦表面,内部未覆盖单个闪光灯,正面和背面清晰地分开了。尽管结构和表面看起来 有所不同,但我认为,简单的结构和材料的清晰分隔使得可以创建一种使用木质材料而又不带有任何仿生植物成分的柜台。”

Kudo Akira: “Created furniture for the reception counter of the pharmacy. The request we received is not to have a unified one-to-one counter, but to have something that allows everyone to choose their seats freely, such as children, couples, or even a guest. In addition, it is best to have some guidance, mainly by staff, in order to use a personal computer to enter drug history records and perform accounting procedures when face-to-face with customers. Therefore, by continuously arcing the counter, we can establish a relationship, for example, a PC on the right, a customer on the front, a cash register on the left, and a building facing the front on all four sides. We decided to give the furniture more direction. The building is surrounded by materials such as wood and concrete, so I want to use smooth and reflective materials to give it an appearance. However, if aluminum, stainless steel or steel frames are used for this purpose and made into a whole, it will give a heavy and hard impression, and the price will be high, so the basic frame is wooden, usually used for surface materials. We decided to The melamine material is attached on it. This size is also a flat surface that can be taken out from the 46 size format. The single flash is not covered inside, and the front and back are clearly separated. Although the structure and surface look different, I think that the simple structure and clear separation of materials make it possible to create a counter that uses wooden materials without any bionic plant ingredients.”


Kohei Kudo:“Furniture created as a sofa in a pharmacy waiting hall.Looking outside, sitting alone, looking at the reception, two people sitting side by side,Sofas that can be used from various directions, such as watching the children in the kids space Since it was required, it had a circular shape and a backrest in the center. In consideration of budget and ease of sitting, the size is 1200 mm, which can be efficiently obtained from 46-size.The legs and back are made of SUS because they have a light presence compared to a massive wooden seat.The back of the sofa is mainly a pediatric outpatient, so it was a puni puni image of parents and children A lovely shape. Using a common pipe chair made of SUS 16φ, the dimensions were set to give a sense of visibility and stability. The legs were set at 200 mm at equal intervals to the seat, and if too thin, the sense of stability was lost.In the pharmacy, Hariji chose a synthetic leather because it can be wiped off even if it gets wet, and it can be easily replaced as a material, and the owner chose the color. Sofas are so cute that they become an element of space not only when you sit down.”

Furniture design: Kouhei Kudo Architects / in charge: Kohei Kudo, Hikari Oguro
Furniture production: New Furniture Works / Takeshi Sato, Yuki Karagawa
Photo: Ei Nakamura
Design period: August to September 2019
Production period: September-October 2019