Picture花瓶,日本,Shinya Oguchi

图片是由日本设计师小口伸弥(Shinya Oguchi)创作的极简主义花瓶。为了彰显自然之美,这款花瓶专门用来捕捉和框制花朵。艺术家渴望画花,因为每朵花都有不同的颜色和形状,并且条件不断变化。该结构是一块0.8毫米厚的钢板,将其切割然后弯曲。此外,在前面增加了一个较小的圆圈以覆盖玻璃瓶。底部由厚2.3毫米的厚重钢板组成,以稳定花瓶。

Picture is a minimal flower vase created by Japan-based designer Shinya Oguchi. Intending to show off the beauty of nature, this flower vase was made to capture and frame flowers. Artists are eager to draw flowers because every flower has a different color and shape, as well as a constantly changing condition. The structure is a 0.8mm thick steel plate that is cut and then bent. Furthermore, a smaller circle is added to the front to cover the glass bottle. The bottom is comprised of a thick and heavy steel plate with a thickness of 2.3mm in order to stabilize the flower vase.

Design:Shinya Oguchi
Photography:Shinya Oguchi