PIZZA 4P 餐厅 ,越南, KKA and Partners & Studio DIG

著名的Pizza 4P’s在越南的第23家餐厅位于Xuan Thuy街的Indochina Plaza Hanoi Residences的黄金位置。该餐厅的一楼外墙像一个当代雕塑,采用Bat Trang砖的红色,在熙熙攘攘的Xuan Thuy街上显得非常突出。Bat Trang陶瓷砖墙将布局划分为私人但亲密的互锁空间,其灵感来自于河内市中心的狭窄小巷。这里是一些窗户和绿地的惊人组合,创造了城市的多样化景观。

The 23rd restaurant of the famous Pizza 4P’s in Vietnam is located in the prime position of Indochina Plaza Hanoi Residencesin in Xuan Thuy Street. The restaurant’s first-floor facade resembles a contemporary sculpture with the red color of Bat Trang bricks, standing out on the bustling Xuan Thuy street. The Bat Trang ceramic brick walls divide the layout into private but intimate interlocking spaces, which were inspired by the narrow alleys in downtown Hanoi. This is the place for some amazing combinations of windows and green spaces, creating diverse views of the city.


After a flight of stairs, at the end of the staircase lies a large wall of Bat Trang emerald green ceramic tiles. This elegant green space is the perfect spot for warm and cozy gatherings. The raised 2nd floor contributes the feeling of privacy to the customers while retaining the harmony and connection with the overall space by using greenery as borders.

通过使用当地的陶瓷砖作为主要材料,”如何唤醒传统 “的问题现在已经得到了答案。通过将2美元的瓷砖变成灯具和杰出的墙板,其价值增加了15倍。我们的设计具有高度的审美和实用性,是为了尊重传统材料的美,以及保护和发展越南剩余的历史悠久的工艺村。

By using local ceramic bricks as the dominant material, the question of “How to awake the tradition” has now been answered. By turning $2 tiles into lamps and distinguished wall panels, their values have increased 15 times. Our design with high aesthetic and utility is to honor the beauty of traditional materials, as well as to preserve and develop the remaining long-established craft villages in Vietnam.

Architects: KKA and Partners, Studio DIG
Area: 320 m²
Year: 2021
Photographs: Hoang Le
Lead Architects: Nguyen Van Khuong, Masashi Jimbo
Design Team:Khai Nguyen, Hieu Le, Kosuke Yoneyama

Contractor:Hoang Thanh
Architects:KKA and Partners, Studio DIG


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