Plant Tribe住宅,法国巴黎,Judith de Graaff

在当前的健康危机中,我们中的许多人都呆在家里,人们对兴趣爱好和活动有了新的兴趣,这些兴趣爱好和活动可以帮助我们保持忙碌并提高生产力。 从烘焙,编织到陶器,不乏选择,但只有一种可以同时养育您的灵魂,照亮您的房屋并改善您的健康:照顾植物。 从这个意义上讲,艾布拉姆斯图书公司最近出版的出版物“植物部落/植物以后永远幸福地生活”既及时又相关。 该书由Urban Jungle Bloggers社区的联合创始人,总部位于慕尼黑的社交媒体顾问Igor Josifovic和居住在巴黎附近的荷兰设计师Judith de Graaff共同撰写,着眼于与人生活和关怀的改变生活的魔力 植物。

With so many of us stuck at home during the current health crisis, there has been a renewed interest in hobbies and activities that can help us keep busy and feel productive. From baking, to knitting, to pottery, there is no shortage of choices but there is only one that can simultaneously nurture your soul, brighten your house and improve your wellbeing: caring for plants. In this sense the recent publication ‘PLANT TRIBE / Living happily ever after with Plants’ by Abrams Books is both timely and pertinent. Authored by the co-founders of the Urban Jungle Bloggers community, Igor Josifovic, a social media consultant based in Munich, and Judith de Graaff, a Dutch designer living near Paris, the book addresses the life-changing magic of living with and caring for plants.

Design:Judith de Graaff
Photography:Kvítka v bytě