Point Lonsdale Home,澳大利亚维多利亚,Three C Architects&Nexus Designs

澳大利亚公司Three C Architects和Nexus Designs合作创建了“ Point Lonsdale Home ”,这是位于澳大利亚维多利亚州Point Lonsdale海岸的极简家庭度假屋。
Point Lonsdale镇位于墨尔本以南数小时的岩石露头上,是一个受欢迎的旅游胜地,以其广阔的海岸景观和历史地标而闻名。对于建筑师来说,这个独特的位置为设计家庭住宅提供了一个理想的环境,为他们提供一个宁静的休憩之所。房屋提供了全年使用的多功能生活空间。住宅拥有充足的外部空间,体现了开放式居室的适应性,可伸缩的滑动门提供了与周围树叶的直接连接。整个抛光混凝土地板营造出时尚简约的感觉。材料和家具经过精心搭配,保留了豪华氛围,定制橱柜和天然木材天花板为开放式家庭生活空间增添了温暖。

Australian firms Three C Architects and Nexus Designs collaborated to create ‘Point Lonsdale Home’—a minimalist family retreat situated on the coast of Point Lonsdale, in Australia’s state of Victoria.
Located on a rocky outcrop a few hours south of Melbourne, the town of Point Lonsdale is a popular tourist destination, known for its expansive coastal views and historic landmarks. For the architects, this unique location provided the ideal backdrop for a family home designed to provide a restful retreat. The home provides a versatility of living spaces destined for use throughout the year. With ample outside space, the home embodies adaptable open-plan living, with retractable sliding doors providing an immediate connection to the surrounding foliage. Polished concrete floors throughout provide a sleek minimalist feel. Materials and furnishings are deliberately paired back yet retain an aura of luxury, with custom-made cabinetry and natural timber ceiling bringing warmth to the open-plan family living space. The property is a perfect example of a highly functional, yet one of a kind family home with exceptional architectural detailing, paired with bespoke interior furnishing.

Design:Three C Architects & Nexus Designs
Photography:Tom Roe