CaféPolet位于Khodynka Field,这是一个已退役的飞机场,距离莫斯科市中心仅7公里,该场机场已作为商业和住宅开发区进行了重建,CaféPolet是一家新餐厅,通过总部位于纽约的怀旧风格的室内装饰,传达了该地区的辉煌航空历史设计工作室Asthetique结合了太空时代的时尚现代感和早期科幻电影的电影华丽性。

Located at Khodynka Field, a decommissioned airfield just 7 kilometres from Moscow’s city centre which has been rebuilt as a commercial and residential development, Café Polet is a new restaurant that channels the site’s illustrious aviation history with a retro-futuristic interior by New York-based design studio Asthetique that combines the sleek modernism of the space age with the cinematic grandiosity of early sci-fi movies.

Design: Asthetique
Photography: Mikhail Loskutov


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