PRO.CRE.AR 01之家,阿根廷, FRAM arquitectos

PRO.CRE.AR 01号房屋位于Padre Stefenelli,距离General Roca几英里,位于阿根廷南部。这块1000平方米的地块是牧场区更大区域的一部分,最初是为了生产苹果,如今由于人口增长和对被自然包围的更大地块的需求,成为了房地产用地。

House PRO.CRE.AR 01 is located in Padre Stefenelli, a few miles from General Roca, in the south of Argentina. The 1000m2 plot is a part of a bigger area in a ranch zone originally meant for apple production that nowadays serves as real estate land, due to population growth and the need for larger plots surrounded by nature.


LANDSCAPE consisting of large extensions of poplar groves that swift color showing the coming of each season, dry desertic weather, low winter temperatures and hot summers configure the particular feel of the site.


The CLIENT, a young couple applying for a government credit dreaming with the chance of their first home.


The PROGRAM, simple, one bedroom, one bathroom, and a free plan containing kitchen, dining room and living room opening towards an exterior terrace entirely bathed in sunlight.


Due to the limited budget the project needed to be thought in stages. One first stage, with all the basic demands opened to the possibility of a future extension, without interrupting the use of the house and which proposes various layouts of inhabiting it.


In the same vein, optimizing areas was a fundamental premise, as well as the employment of simple technical resolutions and construction details that could allow local constructors to execute them.


Layout was though as a bar oriented following the length of the plot (east-west), leaving the northern façade open to the park and the panoramic view.


Inside the house, poplar wood, local and accessible, brings unity to the kitchen/hall/hallway, adding some warmth to the interior. The exterior in black metal sheets that contain the volume, synthetizing even more the volume of the house and demanding very little maintenance.

Architects: FRAM arquitectos
Area: 90 m²
Year: 2014
Photographs: Bruno Tarenzi
Prize:First Prize (housing), Segunda Bienal nacional de Diseño UBA FADU 2015
Architects In Charge:Franco Riccheri, Agustín Mendiondo
City:General Roca


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