Project VV住宅,比利时柯尔特里克,Pieter Vanrenterghem

Project VV是位于比利时柯尔特里克的极简主义住宅,由Pieter Vanrenterghem设计。建筑师的任务是创造一个温暖而简单的住宅,以适应客户的生活方式。设计师选择使用天然材料,如深色橡木和石灰华,这些材料不仅会老化,而且会为客户创造更自然的环境。建筑师在整个过程中不断完善设计,不断质疑和提炼,直到项目完成。

Project VV is a minimal house located in Kortrijk, Belgium, designed by Pieter Vanrenterghem. The architects were tasked in creating a warm and simple home that would adapt to the clients’ lifestyle with a design that would be timeless. The designers chose to utilize natural materials, such as dark oak and travertine, that would not only age well, but create a more natural environment for the residents. The architects continuously refined the design throughout the whole process, constantly questioning and refining until the project is finished.

Design: Pieter Vanrenterghem
Photography: cafeine