Puertecillo住宅,智利,Estudio Base Arquitectos


Located in the upper zone of Puertecillo, a small beach located in the central zone of Chile, in the district of Navidad; mix between field and sea that stands out for being the hidden paradise of surfers where you can be enjoying the sea, forests and nature.


The house is located on a very steep terrain with a north-west orientation. The strategy was to generate different terraces to take advantage of the morphology of the place, all the enclosures are oriented with a view to the bank; that flows into the sea.

它几乎完全由木材制成,由于材料暴露在沿海气候的好处,1.4 “板涂层的干松在室内被用于其更好的完成和耐久性随着时间的推移,安装作为一个系统的通风立面。我们将黑色的色调应用于整个外部,所以房子在景观中消失了,将自己隐藏在植被中。

It is made almost entirely of wood, due to the benefits of the material exposed to the coastal climate, a 1.4 ”board coating of dry pine in chamber was used for its better finish and durability over time, installed as a system of ventilated facade. We apply a black tint to the entire exterior, so the house is lost in the landscape, concealing itself among the vegetation.


In a volume with two large public and private areas, it is distributed on three levels: The first level with access to living / dining room and bedrooms, lower level with the cellars and covered terraces that protect from the sun and wind in the summer; These are directly related to the patio and the third level is the roof of the house, with a habitable terrace, this allows to rescue all the panoramic views of the place; above all the horizon, the view of the valley and the ravine towards the sea.

建筑师:Estudio Base Arquitectos
面积 : 170 m²
摄影师:Pablo Casals Aguirre
设计团队:Cristian Larraín,Gonzalo Ramírez
工程:José Manuel Morales
城市 : Navidad
Architects: Estudio Base Arquitectos
Area: 170 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs:Pablo Casals Aguirre
Design Team:Cristian Larraín, Gonzalo Ramírez
Engineering:José Manuel Morales


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