Quadro总部,意大利,studio wok

一个家庭和灵活的工作空间。Quadro的总部是一家年轻而有活力的水龙头公司,它的重新设计是通过改造房间和将品牌的特殊性转移到室内设计中来的。 Quadro的创新方法体现在选择将高贵的材料与基本的、典型的、永恒的设计相结合。同时,该项目使用简单、纯粹的体量和由天然材料和中性、温暖的颜色组成的调色板。

A domestic and flexible workspace. The restyling of Quadro’s headquarters, a young and dynamic tap-ware company, was conceived by remodeling the rooms and transferring the brand’s peculiarities into the interior design. Quadro’s innovative approach manifests itself in the choice of combining noble materials with an essential, archetypal, timeless design. At the same time, the project uses simple, pure volumes and a palette composed of natural materials and neutral, warm colors.


The ground floor is presented as a visually unified space, breaking up the typical corridor-office organization. A sequence of glass walls and the presence of four birch volumes blur this separation and allow natural light to invade the space.


As well as acting as a container, these elements give the rooms a hierarchy and allow them to be separated through integrated sliding walls. The offices, that required more privacy, as well as the employee toilets and the server room, have been placed in the southern service strip between the entrance and the staircase to the first floor.


Before going up to the upper floor, near the changing rooms and the refreshment room, there is an informal relaxation area; a birch wood volume is inserted in the under-floor area to manage the separation between the production and management areas and accompanies the visitor to the spaces on the upper floor. Inside the large open space that serves as the company showroom, the product display becomes the protagonist.

该布局的设计是为了以一种灵活和容易改造的方式展示所有的系列:构成空间背景的墙壁上覆盖着有规律的孔洞图案的面板,而在空间的中心是四张桦木桌子,其顶部被分成可替换的面板。 在天花板上,一个灯光的基础设施确保了每个设置的合适照明。

The layout has been designed to display all the collections in a flexible and easily remodeled manner: the walls that form the backdrop to the space are covered with panels with a regular pattern of holes, while in the center of the space are four birch tables with tops divided into interchangeable panels. On the ceiling, an infrastructure of light ensures suitable lighting for each set-up.


The meeting room is characterized by continuous windows on three sides, emphasized by birch wood paneling which, on the short sides, takes on the body and becomes a container element; in the center of the space is a large, sculptural meeting table in black Fenix. Natural light has been managed with a system of blinds with adjustable vertical bands that allow perfect regulation of the lighting throughout the working day.

Architects: studio wok
Area : 370 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Marcello Mariana
Manufacturers : HAY, Miniforms, FLOS, Manerba
Collaborators : Federica Torri
Client : Quadro srl
Bespoke Joinery : Fioroni Design, Ardenno (SO)
City : San Maurizio d’Opaglio
Country : Italy