Kelly Wearstler发起了一项新的倡议,扩大她的电子商务平台,包括由全球新兴设计师和艺术家策划的特别委托,首先是引入荷兰的艺术团体Rotganzen。10月14日,Rotganzen首次推出了他们的Quelle Fête系列中的五件限量版作品,灵感来自于洛杉矶市。
Quelle Fête是Rotganzen对过去荣耀的俏皮表现,也是对Studio 54、Paradise Garage和The Roxy等俱乐部的魅力之夜的忧郁提醒。它也是对过去的时代和失去想象中的纯真的一个非常直观的隐喻。Quelle Fête在Rotganzen工作室精心手工制作,仅以限量版或独家原版发行,目前是最令人垂涎的收藏家系列之一。
“与我的客户和世界各地的粉丝分享一些最能激发我灵感的艺术家,这一直是我的一个梦想。Rotganzen的Quelle Fête系列体现了快乐和悲伤的美丽张力,模糊了设计物品和艺术之间的界限,所以他们是这个新企业的完美的第一个合作伙伴,”Wearstler指出。

Kelly Wearstler has launched a new initiative, expanding her e-commerce platform to include curated, special commissions by emerging global designers and artists, beginning with the introduction of Netherlands-based art collective Rotganzen. Launched on October 14th, Rotganzen debuted five limited edition works inspired by the city of Los Angeles, from their Quelle Fête series.
Quelle Fête is Rotganzen’s playful representation of past glory and a melancholic reminder of the glamour nights in clubs like Studio 54, Paradise Garage and The Roxy. It is also a very visual metaphor of times gone by and the loss of imagined innocence. Painstakingly handmade in the Rotganzen studio, and released only in limited editions or exclusive originals, Quelle Fête is currently one of the most coveted collector’s series around.
“It has been a dream of mine to share some of the artists that inspire me most with my clients and fans around the world. Rotganzen’s Quelle Fête series embodies a beautiful tension of joy and sorrow and blurs the lines between design objects and art, so they are the perfect first partner for this new venture,” notes Wearstler.


The launch of Rotganzen’s exclusive series represents the debut of a new vertical from Wearstler. With this new endeavour, the American designer is turning her passion for curation into a platform to spotlight her favourite creatives and provide a place to directly access the quintessential pieces loved and trusted by her.
Rotganzen’s debut collection is available now exclusively on

Photographys:Trevor Tondro, Joyce Park, The Ingall’s.