Quindici椅,法国,Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

法国著名设计师Ronan和Erwan Bouroullec创造了“ Quindici ”,这是一款受人体轮廓启发而简约的多功能椅子。
Bouroullec兄弟以其独特的工业设计方法而闻名。作为法国两个最具创新力的创作者,他们多产的设计方法专注于制作个性化,精致,实用的作品。两人为多个制造商和品牌(例如Vitra,Kvadrat,Alessi和Samsung)设计了作品。兄弟俩与“ Quindici”合作,与著名的意大利制造商Mattiazzi合作。该公司由兄弟姐妹Nevio&Fabiano Mattiazzi于1979年创立,一直保持着因使用传统材料以及环保的生产方法而闻名的声誉。“ Quindici”是与意大利制造商进行的一系列合作项目中的第三项。其前身“ Uncino”和“ Osso”探索了计算机化制造的可能性,而“ Quindici”的设计考虑了传统的材料和方法。人体工程学设计由白蜡木和胶合板构成,受人形轮廓的影响,旨在放松和反射。

Renowned French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have created ‘Quindici’—a minimalist, functional chair inspired by the silhouette of the human body.
The Bouroullec brothers are renowned for their distinctive approach to industrial design. As two of France’s most innovative creators, their prolific approach to design is one that focuses on crafting individual, refined, functional pieces. The pair has created designs for multiple manufacturers and brands such as Vitra, Kvadrat, Alessi, and Samsung. For ‘Quindici’, the brothers collaborated with acclaimed Italian manufacturers Mattiazzi. Founded in 1979 by siblings Nevio & Fabiano Mattiazzi, the company has continued to retain a distinguished reputation known for its use of traditional materials coupled with environmentally friendly methods of production. ‘Quindici’ is the third in a series of collaborative projects with the Italian manufacturer. Its predecessors ‘Uncino’ and ‘Osso’ explored the possibilities of computerized manufacturing, whereas ‘Quindici’ is designed with traditional materials and methods in mind. Constructed from ash and plywood, the ergonomic design is influenced by the silhouette of the human form and designed for relaxation and reflection.

Design:Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
Photography:Fabian Frinzel · Studio Bouroullec