R宅,捷克, LABOR13

Labor 13被要求在同一个建筑工地上设计两个低预算的家庭住宅。客户是两个朋友和他们的家人。他们有相同的计划,我们也决定使用相同的建筑风格和材料,使建筑更有效率。

Labor 13 was asked to design two low budget family houses on same building site. Clients are two friends with their families. They had same program and also we decided to use same style of construction and materials to make the building more efficient.


The situation of house (slope, orientation to sun, position of entrance) and taste of client was cause of two houses with diferent inside organisation and look.


House R is situated on sloping part of site. In the order to create three autonomous flat plane (parking place, terace from living space and flat space in lower garden) we design masive concrete wall which organise the garden and hold the house. This horizontal wall in the contrast with narrow, tall wood building create nice dynamic composition. Wood facade is from larch without any surface treatment.

Architects: LABOR13
Area: 136 m²
Year: 2010
Country:Czech Republic


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