Rail Desk是由东京设计师Keiji Ashizawa为Menu创建的极简主义办公桌。整洁,精制的天然或染色橡木制成的作品传达出宁静实用的感觉。它具有多种功能-作为书桌,柜台或架子来存放书籍,可以悬挂在您选择的任意高度上-适用于几乎所有环境,并且可以整齐地放置在起居区以及空间极为宝贵的卧室中。简约的钢制支架的灵感来自楼梯的扶手,木质平台提供触觉对比。

Rail Desk is a minimalist mounted desk created by Tokyo-based designer Keiji Ashizawa for Menu. The neat, precision-made piece in natural or stained oak conveys a sense of serene practicality. With multiple functions – as a desk, counter or shelf to store books, hung at any height you choose – it lends itself to almost any setting and fits neatly into living areas as well as bedrooms where space is at a premium. The minimalist steel bracket is inspired by the handrail of a staircase and the wooden platform provides a tactile contrast.

Design:Keiji Ashizawa
Photograph:Keiji Ashizawa