Rathgar住宅,爱尔兰都柏林,Peter Legge Associates

Rathgar是由Peter Legge Associates设计的位于爱尔兰Rathgar的极简改造工程。拉斯加(Rathgar)对维多利亚式大排屋的翻新,使上层建筑恢复了原有的特征和比例,去除了不灵敏的附加物,从而再次彰显了空间的本质特征。在较低的楼层,内部的微妙改建改善了功能和流通性,对后部的新扩展提供了额外的现代开放式起居空间,可满足花园的需求。这款景天屋顶的延伸件从现有后立面的曲线中汲取了一定的影响力,并以石灰粉饰面和棕褐色的黄铜板覆盖橡木窗框,看上去与既有部分相得益彰。

Rathgar is a minimal renovation and extension located in Rathgar, Ireland, designed by Peter Legge Associates. This renovation of a large Victorian end-of-terrace house in Rathgar, saw the upper levels stripped back to their original features and proportions, with insensitive additions removed, so as to again reveal the essential character of the spaces. On the lower level, a subtle remodeling of the interior improves function and circulation, and a new extension to the rear provides additional contemporary open plan living space addressing the garden. Taking influence in form from the curve of the existing rear façade, this sedum roofed extension is finished in lime render with brownished brass sheeting to the oak window frames and reveals and looks to complement the existing with a restrained lustre.

Design:Peter Legge Associates
Photography:Aisling McCoy


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