工作室的任务是创建一个新的两层服务空间,用于展览和零售目的,这将产生一种平静的氛围,同时鼓励零售商和顾客的互动。设计语言的灵感来自于罗马尼亚雕塑家Constantin Brancusi的作品中抽象和简化的形式。Labotory说,工作室的目标是“通过抽象过程中材料的对比,增强每一种纯材料的表现力,并注入其自身的活力”。弯曲的天花板和精致的彩绘墙壁与粗糙的石墙形成对比,石墙上的不锈钢栏杆展示着服装。不同的空间元素虽然有分歧,但却相互协调,使整个空间的气氛最大化。由玻璃制成的最小家具和间接照明装置进一步补充了微妙的氛围,同时增加了空间的干净外观。

Designed by local creative studio Labotory, the new Seoul showroom and retail space of Korean premium clothing brand READY2WEAR combines rough and fine material textures. Together, they highlight the prime quality of the brand’s offering while bringing a sense of tranquillity to the customers’ shopping experience.
The studio was tasked with creating a new two-storey service space for both curatorial and retail purposes that would induce a calming atmosphere, while encouraging retailer-customer interactions. The design language was inspired by the abstracted and simplified forms found in the artworks of Rumanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi. The studio aimed “to strengthen the expressive power of each pure material and to infuse its own vitality, through the contrast of materials in the abstracting process,” a statement from Labotory reads. Curved ceilings and fine painted walls are contrasted by rough stone walls with stainless steel rails on which the garments are displayed. Although divergent, the different spatial elements are in harmony with each other, maximizing the mood of serenity throughout. Minimal furniture made from glass and indirect lighting fixtures further complement the subtle atmosphere, while adding to the clean look of the space.

Photograph:Yong Joon Choi