Renovation house V 住宅,瑞典,Hans Verstuyft Architecten

Hans Verstuyft Architects 设计的空间具有切实的灵魂感。这次,我们想与您分享他们的项目Renovation House V – 翻新比利时安特卫普的一个家,这也不例外。
Hans Verstuyft Architects团队限制了计划并使用原材料完成了空间。 大规模的混凝土与天然木材的温暖混合在一起,营造出温馨的氛围。厨房内的天花板使用了一系列木板。定制的木凳突出了空间的宽度,营造出愉悦的气氛。

Belgian practice Hans Verstuyft Architects designs spaces with tangible sense of soul. This time, we would like to share with you their project Renovation House V — refurbishment of a home in Antwerp, Belgium, which is not an exception.
The team of Hans Verstuyft Architects has restricted the plan and finished the space with the use of raw materials. The large scale of concrete was mixed with the warmth of natural wood, what created welcoming atmosphere. An array of planks was used for the ceiling within the kitchen. A custom-built wooden bench highlights the width of the space and creates a pleasant accent.

Design studio: Hans Verstuyft Architecten 
Photography: Hans Verstuyft Architecten