Residence C住宅,比利时林堡,Arjaan De Feyter


Near the canal in Ham, a municipality located in the Belgian province of Limburg, interior architect Arjaan De Feyter has designed ‘Residence C’ in collaboration with MAX8 Architecten: a sleek and modern dwelling that exists as both a home and office for a single client.
As is the case with much of De Feyter’s work, the project’s cohesive interior focuses on a rich material palette, with a monochromatic, pared-back aesthetic. “The client bought some land to build his new office building, with the possibility to have an apartment as well,” the architect explains to us. “Along the way, he changed plans and decided to live there permanently. The build was already underway when we were contacted; it was early stages so we were able to make some necessary changes, in order to create a more personal ‘home’”. The project, also referred to as ‘Ham House’, facilitates both work and home life, creating a warm atmosphere that fulfils the owner’s practical needs.

Design:Arjaan De Feyter
Photography:Arjaan De Feyter