Residence C公寓,中国台湾,ST Design Studio

C居住区是由ST Design Studio设计的位于台湾台北的极简公寓。这座拥有30年历史的公寓位于台北市边界的住宅区内,可欣赏周围城市景观。尽管公寓的前期条件在结构上是合理的,但以前的布局将厨房和壁橱放置在窗户旁边,完全阻挡了自然光。这位前房主将阳台作为室内空间的一部分,以获取更多的存储空间。

Residence C is a minimal apartment located in Taipei, Taiwan, designed by ST Design Studio. The 30-year old apartment is in a residential area at the border of Taipei City with a good view of the surrounding cityscape. Although the former condition of the apartment was structurally sound, the previous layout placed the kitchen and closet next to the windows, completely blocking natural light. The former homeowner included the balcony as part of indoor space in order to gain more storage space.
Although the indoor space has increased, the main living area became dark. A key objective was to shift the kitchen and closet inward in order to allow light to enter the space. With the relocation of the walk-in closet, the window of the master bedroom is fully expanded into a continuous long window. The green tiles match the black shutters, not only adding to a sense of privacy, but also creating a retro aesthetic, filling the master room with a strong aura.

Design: ST Design Studio
Photography: ST Design Studio


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